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About Holly

She is a formally-trained graphic designer and fine artist living in the Canadian city of Toronto. She is, and has always been, an advocate for self expression through body art. The influence of living in a large multicultural city contributed greatly to her exposure and experience with "mehndi."

Holly hennaeing Tara

After her initial experience of receiving henna on her hands, she enthusiastically set out to learn the how, what and why of this traditional body art. She connected with a blossoming online community and further refined her skills. She has delighted in adorning skin with beautiful, intricate patterns. She has provided artistry for photoshoots, private events and public festivals across the country. She has hennaed celebrities Tara (singer/songwriter) and Zoe Saldana ('Avatar' and 'Star Trek' actress), and her work has been featured in U2's Vertigo tour.

She has been instrumental in promoting and supporting the growth of henna artistry in Canada. For several years, she ran a successful henna supply business, shipping materials and equipment around the world. She is proud to hold a certification with ICNHA, an internationally-recognized peer assessment for natural henna artists. She continues to teach "Henna 101" workshops to spread the beauty of henna artistry.

"My mandate is to introduce henna to the masses. This isn't some art for the elite, it is a completely obtainable skill! Anyone who is keen to learn the benefits and beauty of henna should be able to do so, regardless of race, gender, etc."

Holly is a member of the 'Toronto East Henna Coalition', comprised of natural henna artists Tarquin Singh and Heidi Pospisil. Together, they provide henna artistry to a variety of events including the DECA Arts Fair and Leslieville Tree Festival.

She is also a member of the Marvelous Maids of Mehndi, comprised of natural henna artists Larissa Reinders and Colleen Garland. They meet-up in Alberta for the Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival.

Holly is a supporter and member of the Henna Heals team in Toronto.

Henna Heals is a social purpose business that helps empower women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment or alopecia. We provide creative, safe and customizable "henna crowns" for women that would like an additional alternative to a wig and/or scarf. We can also provide henna services for other parts of the body upon request.

Email info(at)hennaheals.ca for more info or to arrange an appointment.
Visit Henna Heals on Facebook: facebook.com/hennaheals

Currently, Holly is enjoying a sabbatical... Check the Home page for news and announcements.