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Henna 101 Workshop - Henna by Holly

Get yourself up-to-speed in the world of henna with my workshops and lessons! Every class has limited spots to guarantee plenty of one-on-one time, not to mention plenty of hands-on practising! (Artistic skills are a plus, and not necessary... Patience is a must!)

"Henna 101" - Natural Henna Workshop

Do you enjoy the ancient art & traditions of henna? Interested in become a proficient & knowledgable natural henna artist? Read every book there is on the subject and still don't know where to start??? Then you should attend my half-day comprehensive natural henna workshop!

What you will learn:

Every participant will:


This 3-hour workshop is only $99.00!


Private residence in Guildwood Village, south Scarborough.

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Nothing scheduled yet -- please join the mailing list to let us know you're interested and be notified when the next dates are!

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Henna 101 Workshop - Henna by Holly