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The Henna Page is an educational resource devoted to the history, traditions, techniques, science and art of Henna, and is part of a site group devoted to Henna and related arts.

Henna Tribe is an artist-owned collective of international, professional mehndi artists and suppliers promoting natural henna.

Henna For Hair is devoted to the art and science of dying hair with natural dyes.

TapDancing Lizard offers Henna and Body Art Books: Patterns, History, and Traditions

International Certification for Natural Henna Artists (ICNHA) is a volunteer peer assessment for Henna Artists. The objective of this examination is to test and certify a henna artist’s understanding of the fundamental principles of henna, skin, hygiene, safety, culture and traditions. If an artist knows these principles, the artist can more effectively serve a diverse clientele safely, effectively, and sensitively.

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