Beauty Devices – A Market Overview

Beauty Devices – A Market Overview
There are many types of beauty devices on the market today. The first one is a facial wand.
These machines deliver pulses of high-frequency radio waves hair removal device, which trigger oxygenation and kill
acne-causing bacteria. The beauty device comes with several tips that can be applied to
different parts of the face and neck. It’s a good idea to schedule several sessions each week for
best results. Each treatment only takes a few minutes, but is effective for many different skin

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The beauty device market is segmented according to the type, application, mode of operation,
and gender of the end user. The hair care segment is expected to dominate the industry by
2020, driven by rising hygiene awareness and growing problems associated with unhealthy
lifestyle. The geriatric population is also anticipated to increase the market for beauty devices.
These devices are available in many different price ranges, and consumers are constantly
searching for the best deals. Therefore, the market for these devices is anticipated to grow in the
coming years.
The beauty devices market is categorized by end-user. It includes products for skin care, hair
care, oral care, and oral care. The market for beauty devices is expected to reach $33 billion by
2020. Some of the key players in this market include L’Oreal SA, LightStim, and Home
Skinovations Ltd., as well as a host of new startups. The report also provides company profiles
and financials for each of these companies.

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The beauty devices market is also segmented by distribution channel. Currently, it consists of
direct sales, retail, and online. In 2020, direct sales are projected to dominate the market.
Cosmetic centres prefer to purchase their products directly, owing to the convenience of
availability and discounts. Besides these, the beauty devices market is also segmented
according to product type, application, gender, and end user. The report provides in-depth
analysis of each of these categories in order to determine the best product for every individual
A multifunctional beauty device is another great choice. It can be used to treat acne and other
skin problems. It can also be used for daily therapy. This beauty device is useful for skin toning,
face lifting, and anti-aging. It can also help reduce wrinkles and helps fight allergy. In addition, it
works with water-based beauty products and can be bought online. It is important to consult a
professional before purchasing a beauty device.
The beauty device market is segmented by end user. There are three major types of beauty
devices: medical devices, and consumer electronics. The medical devices market has been the
most dynamic and fastest-growing segment for the past two decades. This growth will continue

to expand over the next decade. In addition to the commercial/professional category, the home-
use beauty device market will be dominated by retail sales. With the increased demand for these

products, the market is projected to grow at a rate of approximately 20% annually by 2020.